Why Every SaaS Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy


When it comes to digital marketing, the common phrase that people use is “content is king.” However, there is often a lack of understanding around just what this phrase means. Some people think that it means that you have to constantly feed the beast, and that the more content you produce, the better. This could not be further from the truth. Many online-only companies try to shovel as much content as possible down the gullets of their users and potential adopters, only to later find out that the huge amount of content that they create has little to no effect on engagement. In fact, having too much thin content can turn off your audience, and for SaaS companies this can be a huge problem.

In order to fight against this perception of content, the best thing to do is actually release content with a strategy in mind, For SaaS companies, this means creating a SaaS content marketing strategy. What a SaaS content marketing strategy does is identify pain points that your potential users may be having and target these by creating extensive pieces of content. This content can be in the form of comprehensive blog posts, white papers, ebooks, videos, or even podcast episodes. However, the point of this content strategy is not to just churn out content but to produce high-quality content that is actually relevant to the ideal users of the software.

If you don’t know who you want to be using your SaaS product, the best thing to do is do some research into buyer personas. Find out who your ideal users should be, and then target your content toward them accordingly. You should have a good idea of who this person is depending on your SaaS niche, but it is always important to define this person or persons very precisely so that you can better target your content.

Creating targeted content that is rich is breadth and depth is a much better strategy for most online-only companies, particularly SaaS companies. This is because SaaS companies need to create a value proposition that shows it not just as a software but as a solution to a problem. By presenting a SaaS company as a solution and not just a software, you can create more extensive content that explores these problems in-depth and uses a CTA to show how your software is the solution to the problem. This can be anything from scheduling if you are using scheduling software to managing customer relationships if you’re a CRM.

Overall, every SaaS business needs to be producing a steady stream of quality content. However, that content needs to be targeted and comprehensive, and needs to be created as a part of a greater SaaS content marketing strategy. Once this is done, a SaaS business will have an easier time attracting new users and retaining its existing ones. Furthermore, a SaaS company that invests in content also shows its users that it invests in its brand reputation and authority, and it will make these users feel that the SaaS company knows what it’s talking about when it comes to solving problems and providing solutions.

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