The need for Virtual Office Spaces in Reston


With the end of the pandemic in sight, it is time for everyone to start returning to the office. Thanks to COVID 19 virtual office spaces have now become a big thing. Virtual office spaces allow the flexibility of working remotely & the opportunities of working from the office at the same time.

With Reston office space becoming expensive, renting out a traditional office is no longer a sustainable model for small businesses. Virtual office spaces give a hybrid model of working which combines the best of both worlds.

What is Virtual Office Space?

A virtual office space allows the core employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world and coordinate with teammates around the world. At the same time, the virtual office provider will take care of all front end & back-end administrative operations of the office, just like in the case of any physical office space. This includes

  • Managing calls & correspondences with clients.
  • Managing inbound & outbound physical mails.
  • Arranging business meetings & seminars.
  • Providing backend office support with finance & accounts.

What are the advantages of virtual office spaces?

  • Virtual office spaces are much more affordable than renting out a traditional office space. Since typically these virtual spaces are shared out between multiple businesses, the rental liability becomes much lesser. Also, the bills for utilities like electricity heating, water & insurance, hiring & operation of the office staff is greatly reduced. This provides a much more affordable setting for new entrepreneurs.

  • Another major reason for wanting to maintain a dedicated office space is to have a dedicated mailing address. It provides a fixed address for correspondence regarding government permits & paperwork etc.

  • Another advantage of having a virtual office space is the flexibility t offers. Since virtual office spaces do not require large initial investments & do not have any lock-in period for the property, these are a great option for new entrepreneurs & freelancers.

  • Virtual office spaces also have the provision of meeting rooms & limited seating capacity for employees. This gives the employees the flexibility to choose between working from the office & working remotely. Also, in case of tasks which require close coordination between team mates it provides a great opportunity to meet up face to face & get the job done.

Virtual office spaces in Reston.

With a resurgent economy, thanks to the withdrawal of COVID 19, Reston office spaces have appreciated 125% in value over the last two years. Sandwiched between reducing revenue & appreciating real estate prices, entrepreneurs in Reston are switching to Virtual office spaces in large numbers. Due to the relatively lower initial capital for investment & flexible lock-in periods, such virtual office spaces have become an important avenue for decreasing overhead costs and improving the bottom line.


This situation is not limited to Reston office spaces. Cities all around America are grappling with a similar predicament. With more & more companies moving towards a flexible hybrid work environment, virtual office spaces are all set to become the next big thing. In the near future, Virtual office spaces are all set to replace the traditional office spaces as the number one choice for entrepreneurs.

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