The Importance Of Shipment Tracking


As more and more retailers take the time to truly evolve their online offerings for their customers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when their customers come to prefer the online shopping over the in-store shopping experience. Even some of the smallest retailers are able to benefit from the capabilities of online retail. The same goes for shoppers as online retail is the only way to safely and conveniently browse through countless amounts of products based on their unique features, prices, and even other customer reviews without ever having to be present in the store that offers them. The one challenge that smaller retailers have when it comes to online retail is keeping up with industry standard delivery speeds. The main driving force of the online retailing industry is Amazon. Currently, Amazon and its third-party merchants offer more than 12 million unique products on its platform. The real benefit though? Amazon’s prime 2-day shipping offering, a competitive advantage many other online retailing businesses are unable to provide. This can be disastrous for smaller online retailers that lack the logistical prowess of Amazon. Which is why it’s so important for these smaller retailers to identify ways to please their customers despite this. Even if a retailer isn’t able to ensure a package can be delivered within two days of an order like Amazon, they can include a rigorous shipment tracking page on their website that will keep the customer in the know of where their package is at all times. Sometimes shipping considerations won’t be enough to please customers. This is why online retailers should also consider the convenience factor that their website offers in comparison to others. In these cases, improving customer experience is meant to balance out the additional days that must be waited for their orders to arrive. Hoping to learn more about how to improve customer experience in such a way? Read on to the infographic paired alongside this post.

The Importance Of Shipment Tracking presented by Westfalia Technologies, a warehouse automation company

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