The Importance Of Getting Your Office Layout Correct


Your office premises is a key component of your company; how well it functions and allows your staff to work effectively and productively is crucial to growing your business. Whether you’re expanding and moving into a new building or just considering remodelling your existing workspace, there are many areas for you to focus on and maximise their use. I hope to give you some great ideas for your new office layout that empowers your staff and creates a positive, impressive area where they can thrive.

Finding A Supplier

Unless you’ve already got an established office refit partner, you’ll need to find one who can deliver your vision, take some time to view what is available online. An internet search for ‘Office partitioning Cirencester’ or something similar should give you a listing of local office supply specialists, consider what’s on offer and take some notes on any ideas you like. Cross-reference any potential partners with consumer rating websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo; this will give you an impression of what their previous clients think of the work they completed.

Form Your Ideas

Once you’ve picked out a supplier, it’s also a great step to form a project team or manager who can liaise with them and drive the daily steps the refit will follow. They can also give you a valuable second opinion in the ideas stage and canvas the workforce for any important factors which might need addressing during the re-design. Work through all the design ideas and possible improvements until you have a firm idea of what you want to achieve through your office refit and compile a brief for your installation partner to work from. Let’s now look at the different areas where you can effectively improve your office layout.

Areas For Consideration

When discussing office refits or refurbishments, the parts of a workspace are broken down into around six major areas with some accompanying minor considerations. The major areas are as follows –

  • Floorplan/division of space – using flexible modern partitioning systems can effectively divide your office into areas where your staff can function productively.
  • Décor – the correct office interior using subtle and uplifting colours can uplift staff and create an aesthetically pleasing workspace; artwork and green planting can also work effectively.
  • Office furniture and other fixtures – modern ergonomically designed furniture can boost productivity and add to office aesthetics. Don’t forget to look at staff break rooms or areas where they spend their downtime.
  • Lighting – maximising natural light is critically linked to staff well-being and happiness; make use of glass to allow the light to flow through the space.
  • Office Technology – improving the electrical and data outlets and the effectiveness of your IT hardware can boost output and make your company more efficient.
  • Office acoustics – locate noisy appliances away from staff areas; if possible, lowered ceilings and partitioning systems can also control the way sound moves through a workspace.

Other areas to focus on can include the heating and cooling, flooring, and ceilings; all add to the overall office environment, consider each carefully and add improvements to the design brief if desirable.

Once you and your design team have finalised the design brief, you’re ready to move and contact a commercial partner; they should offer a full design process, including computer-aided design programmes which can bring your ideas to life. Hopefully, you’ll then be well on your way to a new superb, aesthetically pleasing office where staff are happy and productive and that you’re proud to show off to all!

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