The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Meeting Room


If you run a small business or your main offices aren’t located in Sydney, you can still make an excellent first impression by hiring a professional meeting room from a serviced office provider. You can stand out from your competition and gain access to a state-of-the-art meeting room without having to rent out an expensive building on a long-term contract. Here are just some of the benefits of private meeting room hire.

Professional Reception Staff

What better way to make an excellent first impression than having professional reception staff at the front door to welcome your attendees. When you hire a private meeting room, some companies go that extra mile to ensure your business makes the right first impression. They’ll have welcoming reception staff on duty to greet your clients and show them to the meeting room. Experts in meeting room hire in Sydney cater for all kinds of requests, providing rooms for small groups or large gathering of up to 50 people.

First Class Amenities

Serviced office centres offer quality meeting rooms that come with all the latest tech. They are also furnished with ergonomic designs that make every meeting room comfortable. You’ll have all the amenities you’ll need to make a great first impression. You’ll have access to a range of high-tech tools and office equipment, including:

  • LCD Projectors
  • Smart Boards
  • Speakerphones
  • Broadband Internet

Cheaper Than Hotel Rooms

Many businesses use hotel rooms for seminars and meetings, but these areas aren’t as well-equipped or as functional as professional meeting rooms. Renting a meeting room with a company who specialise in office space is always better than depending on hotel rooms. They know exactly what you need to ensure the seminar, conference or meeting goes off without a hitch. They provide cheaper rates and they also offer additional services which a hotel cannot match.

Catering Services

Professional meeting room providers often offer catering services along with room rental. There is no need to break for lunch and have your clients get lost outside looking for food. You can show some class by hiring professional caterers to provide food to attendees. Surprise your guests with an array of delicious meals and tasty beverages.


One of the biggest benefits of private meeting rooms is flexibility, they are available upon demand. If you need a meeting room ASAP, professional serviced office centres can make things happens fast. They cater for all kinds of parties, whether big or small. If you need a private room for a 1 to 1 video conference they’ll provide it, if another company has doubled book your room and you need a large meeting space, they can accommodate you. Booking any type of room is both quick and effortless.

This article has highlighted some of the many benefits of using a professional meeting room for seminars, video conferences, interviews, training and meetings. When you hire a space, your meeting room provider will ensure lobby greeters are there to welcome your guests and show them to their seats. You’ll save money on cost and you can add services as you please.



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