Six Ways to Prevent Product Damage During Shipping


Product manufacturers and retailers invest most of their efforts into ensuring their products will satisfy customers and help their business grow. Packaging damage can hut the reputation of a company can ultimately affect their bottom line. Too much damage is a red flag and must be audited carefully to identify the time of damage and the cause. Packaging experts that work for a reputable custom packaging manufacturer can diagnose these problems and offer recommendations for your company. But, you can prevent them by considering the following recommendations:

Stock the Right Packaging Supplies

Before packaging your products, ensure you have the right packaging products in place. Stocking the right boxes and protective packaging supplies makes sure that you can readily and safely ship or transport your products without using substitution materials and delays.

Work with an Expert to Know How to Pack

A packaging expert can offer proper packaging instructions. Whether you are packing in a retail store or a distribution center, ensure your staff is properly instructed to prevent damage.

Choose the Most Effective Protective Material Combinations

You can choose from a lot of options in terms of protecting the products inside the box. Your chosen packaging company should be able to help you find the right balance between the carton’s size and the proper protective materials. They may give you options such as bubble wrap, airbags, paper, and foam packaging. Because every situation is different, you should look for the most effective production combination by assessing, versatility, size, and other factors.

Consider Using Shrink Wrap Equipment

Your company can reduce shipping damage significantly when you safely secure your products during shipping. Shrink wrapping offers a protective film that guarantees your product’s integrity by making a secure, air-tight seal. Providers of this solution can offer side sealers, horizontal form fill, shrink tunnels, and seal machines.

Use Foam Packaging Products

These products offer the best protection to items that are prone to damage from vibration and shock. Form inserts are ideal for electronics that have a lot of small, fragile components as well as fragile and glassy metals. These inserts are customized to form-fit around any product.

Combine Boxes and Packages into One Bigger Unit Load

This method is meant to ensure ease of handling, storage, transportation, and identification. This can minimize labor costs, reduce load times, and secure products in the warehouse. Reputable providers can offer strapping and palletizing options to establish safe transport scenarios for their customers.

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