Sayed Sayedy – Activist For Women Rights From Afghanistan Turns Into A Motivational Trainer In Europe


Sayed Sayedy was born in Afghanistan where women are always treated as subhuman.  When he was a young student, together with his mother, he also campaigned for women’s rights in his country.

Sayed Sayedy after completing his studies moved to Germany in 2015 when he was just 23 years old. While he was in Germany he became an active cultural facilitator for minimizing difficulties and misunderstandings between people of different cultures living in Germany.

Presently, he is engaged in studying at the Salzburg University on “Training and Development“. Also, Sayed Sayedy is involved in providing training as a freelance trainer particularly in the intercultural field and as a communications coach.

The word training and coaching is more relevant in the field of sports and similar such activities. What Sayed Sayedy is doing should be called more a mediation, which is mostly related to resolution of the conflict between different cultures.

Germany is a country where many asylum-seekers from different countries are seeking shelter as they were victimized in their own country due to various political disturbances. As a result, people from different ethnicity and cultures may have a conflict with local german culture.

Conflicts can also arise in the field of work. There can be serious disputes between employees and their managers or it can also happen within a team. Conflicts can always be a situation that will cause inconvenience, but at the same time can offer opportunities for an individual’s personal development.

While conflict counseling, Sayed Sayedy offers his support as an impartial and neutral advisor within a protected framework. In a meeting conducted on a one-on-one basis, where the basic reason for conflict is analyzed and an effective resolution is worked out.

He has also conducted many seminars on diversity management. The basic aim of such a special seminar is for promoting the appreciation, recognition, and inclusion of various diversities in the respective circumstances of the work setting. In other words, the objective is to create such an environment for work that can be as free as possible from various prejudices.

Another activity he is involved in is to provide coaching. Coaching is all about making an individual’s self decisions and then experiencing personal responsibility. If a person has to live by maintaining certain values in his life then he should not remain in a dilemma between his own self-interest and the interest of the whole team or group.

He has also worked as a trained mediator for prevention of violence at the Ethno-Medical Center.  If anyone is involved in any such conflict may contact him for his support. Since the refugee numbers are rapidly growing, it has become a hot political issue in Germany.

The integration of various refugees particularly in the German labor market has become at present a big challenge in Germany.  Sayed Sayedy is currently engaged especially in this area where he is conducting various workshops on special training on refugees.

He is trying to involve teachers, pedagogues, supervisors in his intercultural training and preparing them for the special activities and tasks for achieving his integration goals.

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