Keeping Your Clean Bench Safe and Operating Properly


The clean bench, also known as a laminar flow cabinet, plays an essential role across many industries, ensuring a sterile workspace by maintaining a steady flow of filtered air. Initially used mainly in research and manufacturing, these cabinets have become indispensable in fields like aerospace, bioscience, pharmaceuticals, and food production.

These benches utilize a non-ducted air filtration system to deliver contaminant-free air for precise operations. Their popularity has increased due to several advantages: they are environmentally friendly as they recycle air, produce no harmful byproducts, and are cost-effective to install and maintain, requiring only annual filter replacements. The user-friendly design of these benches allows for immediate use without the need for extensive HVAC systems. Furthermore, they are portable, easily plugging into standard outlets, and come with safety features that comply with ACGIH standards, making them versatile for various environments.

However, despite these benefits, there is often a gap in knowledge regarding the maintenance required to keep these benches in optimal condition and adhere to regulatory standards. For comprehensive guidance on maintaining clean benches, including cleanroom testing and certification, refer to the detailed infographic below.

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