Improve the Customer’s Segmentation with Audience Builder


The concept of Audience Builder is not new and in the field of marketing, it has been of great support. This is one of the best features that Adjust platform has released and certainly online marketing scope due to such an option has increased to a great extent. The scope of reaching the new users and creating the segments with such a feature is quite easy. It is packed with some of the best perks that can ensure the whole process works without any issues. This option has the potentiality to improve the retargeting and ensure the campaign dollars are well utilized

The role of audience builder:

The generation of the revenue, location, and the events that often get triggered are some of the differentiators which make every installation of this tool a unique one. Every potential user needs the advertisement to be done uniquely since the message and promotion may vary. Consider the user who is quite an active and highly paying one has certain requirements than the usual one while the non-paying customer will have requirements of online marketing without any specifications further.

It is then an Audience Builder tool that acts as an efficient app user segmentation that offers certain traits. These could be the common identifiers like mobile marketing or online marketing. As these individuals are put together by different themes, it becomes easy to target the customers efficiently with the messaging as per the element. The strategy further allows the marketer to reach different users with a better conversion scope.

Engage audience:

The Audience Builder is designed in such a manner that the requirements of the customer can be understood well. It also helps the customer understand in what way the customer should be engaged. This will help to create better targets and make the journey of the customer personalized too

Better data outcome:

The tool also has the feature to offer a single view of the customer using the data integration solution from any source. The predictive data or even the 1st party or the 2nd party can be combined well to know the segments of the audience. This tool can use any group, list, and data extensions for collecting contact information. Besides, it can add a certain feature without the need to dimension them at all.

Create a new set of customers:

This option gives the freedom to create a new customer. In the audience builder, there is a section called the create audience on which the person needs to click and name the customer. The contacts channels should be selected which needs to be used along with the value. Further, the attributes should be added from the section of the attribute library. In case any customers need to be excluded the same can be done with the Exclusion Tab.


With so many incredible benefits of the audience builder, this tool can ensure better segmentation and targeting. It is easy and offers better protection and data and privacy as well. Now multiple partners will no longer have the same users. Rather there will be one partner assigned to a certain segment and thus the budget will not be cannibalized too.

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