How To File A Claim For Trip Interruption Due To Illness Or Injury


If you travel locally or overseas, you should prioritise purchasing travel insurance. As part of your travel documents, most foreign visa requirements require travel insurance from India with a set minimum coverage.

If you choose a good policy, save all essential travel documentation, and file your claim within the allotted time frame, the insurer will compensate you for financial losses resulting from unanticipated incidents on your trip. *

Here are some things you must look out for in the fine print:

  • Policy Limitations: A list of events and circumstances that the policy does not cover.
  • Even after purchasing insurance coverage, it is essential to be aware of the filing deadlines. You should know the appropriate filing window or deadline if you are required to file a travel claim. Generally, claims are settled within one to two months of the filing date. *

What Kind of Claims Are Covered?

Various incidents or circumstances may occur depending on your trip’s duration and purpose. So, Cashless claims are the preferred method of payment for policyholders. However, not all policies may provide this option, so you should evaluate how you want your claims to be paid and choose a policy accordingly.

Medical Emergencies

You should contact your insurer or agent as soon as possible if you want to file a cashless claim for a medical emergency caused by accidental bodily injuries, an unexpected illness, or the worsening of pre-existing conditions such as dental problems. In addition to the original ticket and boarding pass, a copy of the passport with travel dates indicated must be shown when filing a travel claim:

  • Clinical reports and laboratory results
  • Prescriptions and invoices for drugs
  • Other payment vouchers and documents related to the treatment

In case of an accident, your insurance may additionally want an FIR or police report to complete your claim.

Loss or Delay of Checked-In Luggage

Along with your boarding pass, aircraft tickets, a copy of your passport, and airline-issued baggage check-in tags, you should keep receipts of expenses incurred due to the loss or delay in delivery of your baggage if it is lost or delayed.

In the event of the loss of valuables, a list of the items and their estimated value should be maintained. In addition, a note from the airline attesting to the delay or loss of luggage will be necessary.

Absence of Passport

The insured can also submit a claim for the expenses incurred in recovering a lost passport; it must be declared immediately. To do so, you must maintain a record of the payments paid to the embassy for a travel certificate, a form of government-issued identification, and a copy of your previous passport. An FIR must be filed with the local law enforcement agency in the destination country, and a copy must be provided to the insurance.

Cancellation or Shortening of a Trip

Frequently, flights are cancelled or shortened owing to airline troubles, medical emergencies, personal work problems, or natural calamities. You can file a claim on online travel insurance for monetary damages incurred due to the cancellation or shortening of your vacation by providing the necessary documentation to substantiate your claim. *

This includes medical expenditures in the event of an accident or hospitalisation and an FIR or police report if a break-in, theft, unfortunate event or accident at your house forced you to cut short your trip. Some travel insurance international policies compensate beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder’s death or permanent disability while travelling.

To prepare for unanticipated travel scenarios, you should thoroughly read your policy and keep a digital or physical record of all your documentation for travel insurance from India.

* Standard T&C Apply

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘

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