How to deter pests from your manufacturing site


Pests indeed are a big problem on manufacturing sites. This can mainly be down to the sheer amount of activity in and around the buildings, people coming and going, and machinery being used on a very regular basis. Should pests gain entry, you could find that the disruption that they cause to your workers, in the case of wasps flying around them and disease carried by rodents, for instance, could cost you a lot in downtime. Not only that, but the damage that some creatures cause to wiring and machinery could make your site unsafe to work in.

#1 Use preventatives for gaining entry

Preventative action is always better than cure, so you must realize that there are a few different ways in which pests can gain entry into your premises. These can be as easy as doors that are left invitingly open, either into communal areas straight from the outside or via the large loading doors of your warehouse.

If your warehouse doors tend to be open for periods, it is worth installing PVC strips so that your workers can gain easy access to your yard or the warehouse, but pests such as birds or animals cannot.

#2 Supply lidded bins for food consumption areas

Pests are not just limited to birds and animals but also include flies and wasps. Open food bins can attract both of these as well as rodents. To minimize the risk of these undesirable visitors, a lidded or self-closing bin for inside and outside your buildings are a must. These should be placed in regular meeting areas and emptied regularly to entice your workers to make use of them.

#3 Keep external areas clean and tidy

Indeed, there are other areas where pests like to visit and even build nests, and this is where you keep all of your recycling that is not housed internally. Cardboard can create a lovely warm shelter from the wind and, if far enough down in a pile, the rain and snow too, not to mention harsh sunlight.

It is important then to make sure that these areas are kept as clean and tidy as possible a baler can help significantly with this. Using the correct bale ties with your baler will condense down your cardboard that is waiting to be recycled, meaning that you will be able to store more in a better orderly fashion giving most pests nowhere to hide or seek shelter.

#4 Install security lighting

Another thing that furry pests look for is darkness or dim lighting. By installing security flood lighting, you will be preventing pests from finding that dark secure spot for them to bed down and make a home or nest in. of course, you may very well find that some of the pests that visit your business site in the evening are not of the furry or winged variety but are very much of the humankind. Having security lighting will also deter them from lingering, causing a nuisance or damage which could easily happen under the cover of darkness or dim lighting.

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