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The COVID 19 pandemic affected the world for the most of 2020, with people of all ages falling ill. Even though the vaccine is now here, we still need to take adequate precaution. Now, sometimes no matter how much precaution you take, you may still fall ill. Having the backing of a health insurance plan can prove immensely helpful in such a situation. In this article, we will take a close look at the wonderful coverage the Corona Kavach Policy can give you against COVID 19.

What is the Corona Kavach Policy?

The Corona Kavach Policy is an indemnity-based plan that offers you coverage for COVID 19. This plan can be purchased as an individual plan and as a family floater plan too.

Under the Corona Kavach Policy, you can raise a claim if you are hospitalised for a minimum period of 24 continuous hours due to COVID 19. You also get coverage for pre- and post-hospitalisation costs too for a period of 15 days and 30 days respectively. Do bear in mind that your COVID 19 test should have been done at a government-authorized testing centre for your claim to get approved.

Let’s examine the exact details of the coverage you can expect from the Corona Kavach Policy in the next section.

Quick facts on the coverage of the Corona Kavach Policy

  • Sum insured

The Corona Kavach Policy’s sum insured begins at Rs 50,000 and goes up to Rs 5 lakhs. If you are buying the plan as a family floater policy, try to opt for a higher sum insured.

  • Policy tenure

This plan is available in three short tenures of 3 ½ months, 6 ½ months, and 9 ½ months.

  • Eligibility

The Corona Kavach Policy can be bought by anyone between the ages of 18 to 65 years.

  • Additional details of coverage

The Corona Kavach Policy also covers telemedicine charges for COVID 19. You can also make a claim if you choose AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) as your preferred treatment for COVID 19.

For additional benefit-based coverage…

If you want additional coverage against COVID 19, you might want to consider opting for the Corona Rakshak Policy as well. This benefit-based plan pays you a lump sum amount if you get hospitalised for a period of 72 continuous hours or more due to COVID 19.

The lump sum amount can be spent for any costs that you incur during your illness. Remember that you may not be able to work or earn while getting treated for COVID 19. In such a situation, the Corona Rakshak Policy can act as income replacement and can be used to pay any bills you face such as your rent, electricity bill, mobile recharge, grocery bill, or even any co-payment in your medical insurance plan.

We hope that this article has helped you gain a better understanding of the Corona Kavach Policy and how it can cover you and your loved ones during the pandemic.

Take care.

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