Finding An Effective Way To Divide Your Office Space


As the business world recovers from the effects and trials of the recent Covid outbreak the way office space is used is evolving, workplaces need to be flexible and adaptable while also providing staff with the space where they are happy and productive. Many business owners are now utilising some form of modern office partitioning system to effectively divide their available space and create a light contemporary workplace. If you’re considering an office refurbishment project or are moving to new premises it’s worth investigating this great affordable office solution, we’ll look at the different types of partition in use today and how they might work for you.

Initial Research

Companies that specialise in office refurbishment have information on their websites you can use to form design ideas for your project. Use your favourite search engine and type in ‘office refurbishment’ or something more specialised like ‘office partitioning in Tewkesbury’, substituting your local area. This will provide you with a list of partitioning specialists near you. Take some time to view their websites and make some notes of any products you like or any company that might be a prospective supplier from which to source a quotation. Let’s now look at the different types of partitions on the market today.

The Different Options Available

Office partitioning systems are manufactured in several materials, each having properties that lend themselves well to the office environment; they are both affordable and practical. The office partition options available today fall into three categories –

  • Drywall partitions – this system uses an aluminium framework with layered plasterboard, used to divide a large open space into a smaller, more useable area. It has great soundproofing properties and is a budget friendly option at the cheaper end of the market.
  • Glass Partitions – increasing popular in new buildings, it uses glass to spread healthy natural light through a workspace giving a modern, contemporary look. In single- or double-glazed partitions with specialist acoustic or banded glass also an option it can be the solution in any office environment.
  • Demountable partitions are a flexible choice as it’s a non-permanent partition that you can move whenever the demands change. Available as either drywall or glass options, they also benefit from being tax-deductible in some cases.

There are also office partitions produced with upgraded materials for specific tasks, fire rated partitions can protect storerooms and fire evacuation routes in emergencies and form critical component of an office redesign. Acoustic partitions can also be a solution where noise is a problem, their acoustic protective properties effectively dampen sound allowing staff to work in peace.

Combining Your Ideas

By using a modern partitioning system in your office redesign, you can produce superb results, when combined with an uplifting new décor, modern well-designed furniture, and improved infrastructure you can achieve a contemporary office solution where staff are happy and productive. There are many flexible partitioning options to suit any budget or situation so contact your local office partitioning specialist today!

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