6 Of The Best Pop-Up Retail Experiences In London


Pop-up experiences, those that welcome customers to celebrate products and brands, are an exciting and effective way to promote a business on the high street. Many retailers use the limited-time events not only to promote new brand messages and products but also to reach new customers and gauge the potential interest in a new, permanent high street presence.

These advantages are why pop-up events are becoming more popular and, over the past few years, London has seen a number of remarkable experiences and events appear on its high street. Here are six of the best!

Coca Cola

Covent Garden has become host to Coca Cola’s first European pop-up store. The store, which is set to remain on the high street until autumn, showcases a range of Coca Cola inspired products, from clothing and shoes to collectable bottles and mocktails. The store also offers a number of personalised shopping experiences, including the ability to customise your own Coca Cola can.


One of the busiest pop-up stores in recent years, of course, belongs to the world’s biggest media franchise, Pokemon. The store opened in 2019 and quickly became overwhelmed with customers. Some even claimed to queue for over six hours!

The store made great use of experiential shopping too, inviting customers to bring along their own Pokemon and interact with new ones via Nintendo Switch releases and the Pokemon Go app.


Launching a health a beauty product range off the back of her television career, Trinny Goodall took her make-up line to the next level by bringing it to the high street with a brand-focused pop-up experience. The event, as with many pop-up events, focusing not only on stylish products and sparkling stand offs but also on talks and experiences that were available to those with tickets for the event.

Harry Styles

International celebrity, Harry Styles, further demonstrated why it isn’t only high street retailers who benefit from pop-up store experiences by hosting his own store space. Pleasing, the title of Styles’ store, hosted an array of new products from the star’s own collection, which was launched only a few months prior. The sellout experience was evidence that high street retail remains exciting and has the potential to draw in huge crowds.

Blue Note

Renowned jazz label, Blue Note, hosted their own pop-up store in London as part of the city’s wider EFG London Jazz Festival events. The store sold a number of the label’s most celebrated and sought after records, appearing on the high street at the right time, with vinyl sales now at an all-time high.


Known for their forward-thinking shop designs, in-store experiences, and efforts toward good causes, Lush opened a remarkable pop-up store in London’s Coal Drops Yard, one that will remain open twenty-four hours a day for six months. This headline-grabbing concept has brought even greater attention to the brand, as they demonstrate how small store spaces can be an ideal way to conquer the high street, focussing on quality products and a great retail presence.

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