4 Tips on How to Hire the Right Conference Management Software


Before you make a decision, you should consider three factors: case studies and peer reviews, customization options, and integration with other platforms. Case studies are essential if you’re planning on using the software for your conference. Peer reviews are particularly helpful because they let you see how other conference organizers are using the software. Customization options give you more control over the way your event is managed. Integration is another important factor because it allows you to make changes to the software as needed.

Case studies

conference room booking software helps managers streamline meetings and improve attendance. Its mobile app lets attendees manage their own schedules and provide feedback. For example, a recent event in Seattle saw a ninety percent increase in attendee engagement. By providing attendees with a mobile app, event managers were able to optimize the event according to popular sessions, speakers and times. Case studies of conference management software are a great way to showcase the benefits of these tools.

Peer reviews

Whenever hiring conference management software, it’s vital to consider peer reviews. These reviews can be highly beneficial and will help you decide which conference software is right for you. For example, review module allows you to automatically assign peer reviews, including categories and open-ended comments. Additionally, you should check that the software allows you to easily manage peer reviewers and their tasks, including updating contact information. Peer reviews should be transparent and easy to use, so that conference organizers can see the feedback from their reviewers.

Customization options

When hiring workplace productivity software, the first question to ask yourself is what customization options the system offers. Some systems are designed to work as-is, while others are built to be customized to fit a specific event. Some event management systems offer customizable templates, while others may allow you to create a completely customized layout. Some systems also allow you to customize the way in which the system lists events. For example, one software might include a theater layout template, while another might not.

Integration with other platforms

If you’re in the market for conference management software, consider integration with other platforms. Whether you’re planning a conference or just want to track attendees, a good solution should integrate with a wide variety of platforms. A good solution can handle all of the marketing functions of a conference, and it can integrate with leading business software. Some conference management software systems also include integrations with digital payment platforms, making it easier for attendees to register and pay. Some platforms even include attendee engagement and identity management.

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